The Shoutbox
Rubber baby buggy bumpers
HAHA...that's sooo weird. When people here are getting off school, our little Silver is just going to school.
Seeya all. Off to school. I might log on for a bit while I'm there see how things are going. T, is going to overtake me in here this morning. And you'll reach 1000 shouts too. Have fun.
They're resized now...
I didn't resize all of the pictures...Sorry are! Must you be right all the time?! Grrr!
Yeah yeah, I'll reply in a bit. Gotta read, though. Book-learnin' is important.
Keep you busy!?
You guys better keep up with your PMs...I like getting PMs... Keeps me busy and entertained! C'mon...get with it!

I'm gonna upload all the pictures to the server...Hold on a sec