The Shoutbox
Yeah, I really am insane about sleeping sometimes. Depends on which house I'm in. At this one (on most weekends), I just can't get to sleep before midnight, for the most part. I slept in til like noon today, and layed in bed until 1...isn't that completely awful?

So, good afternoon everyone. Hola Sades...looks like I just missed you.
I was here. I was bored. I'll come back later. Cya, y'all. Love you's guys.
If we stay up later, we sleep in later.

At least, that happens with most people, I end up waking at the same time no matter what..

Morning All!! Taking a peak out the window and it looks like it's going to be a lovely day.
I don't get the staying up habits of you people. It's insane.
Hello. Going to bed now, though. Sleeepy. Almost 3AM here.
I see you are online.
I may as well say hello.

Spudley, I can't get into my Hotmail where I directed my e-mail and so I can't turn on my account. Would you mind going in there for me, or sending it to another e-mail?
I'm tired so i'm outta here...night all
YAY...the site is officially up...sorta...

The Help Files

Big thanks to Chris for helping me out. I still need to find a way to link back to the main site from the board...
Anybody heard of the play Our Town?
Just if you're wondering, I'm going to be seeing four films (well at least I'm buying a four film pass), and I'm definatley seeing both Lantana and The Man Who Wasn't There. The other two had to be from that list, and I really had not much of an idea.