The Shoutbox
"Being a woman, I only have access to the equipment, what, thity to forty minutes a week? And that's a good week. How can I be expected to have the same expertise as people who own this equipment and have access to it 24-hours a day their entire lives?"
"This isn't over. I still have armies in the Ukraine."

"Ukraine? Ukraine is weak, my friend."
"I dated you."

"That's because my standards are to low."
"Usually when the B leaves the O goes with it. This is beyond BO. This is BBO."
"That was a one-in-a-million Moyl."
E: "He can't go left?"

J: "No. I'm a lefty, can't go right. What about women, do they go left or right?"

E: "No, we just play defense."
"I'm sort of...enagaged."
"I don't like this at all."

"I can't stop now, I'm addicted..."
"He's the got-no-Green Lanten."
"Hey Elaine: maybe his girlfriend is Lois Loan."
"Yeah? Well they're better than those pictures of naked Lois Lane."

"Where'd you see those? Those are private!"