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When will moviegoers learn? Costner == pain.
i view this site at an insanly high resolution, and its cool

but bye for now, off to go watch dragonfly
I don't see why your eyes would hurt. Big print? Well, there should be like five settings under that menu I mentioned. Mess around with them and see what looks best.
I view this site at work at 1024x768 and I must say I enjoy it..

At home, I'm on a 800x600 monitor and it sucks. Plus everything is darker than it should be.
Easy. View --> Text Size --> Medium (or one higher than wherever it's set now), assuming you're using Internet Explorer.
Sorry about that. You chose a helluva time to join. There's always bugs, though. It's been getting steadily better, and it still whoops most others...but it's got a way to go yet.
You should probably change your font settings -- I just switched from (mostly) old-fashioned font tags to CSS, which will save on both bandwidth and loading time. It makes the defaults more "powerful" though. That's the best way I can describe it, at least.
I've been sleeping, just wish I could get MORE of it...
I wish I could do that...
ahh defeat, i was in the process of replying when you beat me