The Shoutbox
Yeah...I imagine the last movie will win more awards than the other two. Just a guess, though.
Mmmmmm. Don't worry, TWT, Jackson still has another two goes at winning SOMETHING.
A Beautiful Mind shouldn't have won Best Picture. It didn't have the commitment that Jackson put into ALL THREE LOTR movies.
LOTR got ripped. Crap.
Moulin Rouge won an award, Moulin Rouge won an award,Moulin Rouge won an award, heehee !!!
You're not stupid. Just wake up in the morning and scream "SERENITY NOW!!" I think I should make that my Signature. Meanwhile: shameless advertising
Argh, it's so late. 2:51 AM EST. And I'm still up. I'm so flippin' stupid. I'm gonna sleep in tomorrow, now...and even then I won't get enough sleep. Crap...I've got lots to do tomorrow, too. Crap crap crap. Oh well, I'll be okay. I might drink some caffeine and take a nap to offset this lack of sleep.
I DO!!! FRESH!! I HAVE TO GO IN FRESH!!!! You've driven it to me, ya bastards!! SERENITY NOW!! SERENITY NOW!!
Mwahahaha. I haven't been watching it. Was out at the movies. (where else?) Silver's cracking me up. I can't help but think of Frank Costanza: "I gotta go in FRESH!"
SPU-UD!! You can't write that and expect me not to read it!!! Not that I even know what that is. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, FROM NOW ON STICK TO THE THREAD IN THE INTERMISSION FORUM!! NO MORE SHOUTING!! DAMN AUSTRALIAN TIME!!!
SILVER BULLET DO NOT READ THIS SHOUT!!!!!!! Jennifer Garner won for Alias...