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I'm tired so i'm outta here...night all
YAY...the site is officially up...sorta...

The Help Files

Big thanks to Chris for helping me out. I still need to find a way to link back to the main site from the board...
Anybody heard of the play Our Town?
Just if you're wondering, I'm going to be seeing four films (well at least I'm buying a four film pass), and I'm definatley seeing both Lantana and The Man Who Wasn't There. The other two had to be from that list, and I really had not much of an idea.
"They're like big dogs..."
G: "What kind of person are you?"

J: "I think I'm pretty much like you...only succsessful."
J: "This is your plan?"

G: "No, no. I'm just thinking."

J: "I don't think you are."
Brb, myself.
"No no, we slept head to toe."
"So? Your genitals are still lined up."
I'll be back. Please, don't stop for me.
"Let me tell you something: if you're a guy and you ask for a doggie bag on a date, you might as well have them just wrap up your genitals too."