The Shoutbox
I didn't tape it... but I do have some original tapes from the early 80's... My favorite is the orignal Star Wars tape... I can't believe how heavy they are!
I've still got some things from about '86 that I've taped, but they deteriorate. Some stuff I had taped I've lost because it just plain wore down.

That's why I've got so many LDs and DVDs.
Oldest as in longest time ago in which I taped it. I have no idea what the oldest would be. Casablanca maybe...
'Oldest' meaning the longest time ago you actually taped it, or oldest like in the release date of Forrest Gump?
The oldest movie I have taped off a TV is Forrest Gump.
Mine's hiding somewhere
It was sitting against the wall and some wanker sat on it...
I still have it...
I enjoyed that movie.
I had it on video when I was 10.
Dustin Hoffman rocked.
Am I the only person here who knows what Silver is talking about???
It the words of Smee:

Goooood Moooooornin' Neverland!