The Shoutbox
What do you have in mind, Mec?
Give me an e-mail or a PM or something. I'd be only too happy to give you a hand.
I wasn't in the mood for it when I saw it!!
I'll watch it again! I'LL WATCH IT AGAIN!!

If you were a Nun I'd call you Sister Mary Moron. Just kidding.

hey guys i need your help
i have this project for japanese class, and its about the nagasaki and hiroshima bombings, and we have a creative portion. What i was going to do for it was make a little movie about it using fire and either narratons or subtitles,, but the thing is i have no clue as to how to do it.
You didnt like beetlejuice!!!!!!! whats wrong with you aussies?
What is with calling me Bulley Boy?
Celebrity Person.

Yes. Disliked it.
I don't think I was in the mood for it though, so that might add the the feelings I have towards it.
Death is the only great adventure.
I don't even remember Hook all that well. Only Hoffman threatening to kill himself. I did ejoy that scene!!

They're mine!

All mine, I tell ya`!
!!!!! You've got to tell Miriam about that.