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Originally Posted by ynwtf
Adobe is expensive. Not a fan of renting InDesign every month. But I'm still reorienting myself to Affinity Publisher (a very good InDesign wannabe), so I can't give up on ID just yet.
Big Perm, I mean Worm.
I'm currently upgrading my inexpensive 13" eBay MacBook Pro (High Sierra) for a newer, better 13" eBay MacBook Pro (Big Sur). Needed the newer OS to run one lousy piece of software, but won't mind having twice the RAM and twice the storage space, I guess.

Still not my main computer, though.
Big Slurp?
Big Sur should have been called Big Slur.
It has take almost 3 days to get them updated, so if anyone wants to come pull this ice pick out of my eye head on over.
I got a photo lab and a video lab thats kicking my can.
Originally Posted by John McClane
I loathe Adobe and Apple atm
I'm pretty much a non-fan most of the time, but I'm currently stuck using products by both of them...
I loathe Adobe and Apple atm
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