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Seems to work fine for me
Apparently I need to go practice the Smileys again. I've completely data dumped how they pop up on here.
Wow, that kept messing up. It posted twice, so I deleted one and then they both disappeared. That was very confusing.
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I miss Florida.

I miss the beach and the lack of humidity. The humidity in Tennessee is about to kill me.
You trying to say going to Memphis for 4th of July is a bad idea? 馃槄
Although I've actually never been to Memphis, I would never say such a thing about any location in my homeland of Tennessee. However, if it does end up sucking, don't blame me. :-p

Apparently I've lived in North Carolina for one year, but I was too young to even know I was there.
Being an influencer is a lot like being the guy who has to build the latrine. You shouldn't get props for building a good one when it's just going to get filled with shit.
Also if they come in from out of town to visit, you have an excuse to blast the Thin Lizzy song.
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Really wonder about people calling their kids 鈥榯he girls/鈥榯he boys. Like, have you forgotten what you named them?
Hubby and I share six kids, most of which now have significant others. It's a lot faster to just say "the boys" or "the girls" if the conversation is grouping them that way anyway.
huh. that design on the wall behind her, is that Plankton?

Ok, I got the sign about the WWE but I missed everything else.
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Sorry, can you repeat that?

Really wonder about people calling their kids 憈he girls/憈he boys. Like, have you forgotten what you named them?