The Shoutbox
New tactics? Pshaw. Bring it on. I dare you to. My diagonal prowess is not to be unederestimated.
Don't make me break out my new wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in HELL! (poor little snowball, what did it do to deserve hell?)
Yes, that is true...I do benefit from life-alerting discussions on that wonderful little chat box on the right. No one can resist.
T, you only beat people because you engage them in conversations that require brain are VERY distracting!
Yeah, and I beat you, too, Spud. And I beat Miriam twice. Mwahahahaha. Toose: you're next, buddy. No one shall escape my multi-jumping wrath.
I beat you once too Sades...lest not forget that....
Scared? Man, I've won like 5 in a row against you. You bet I'll play you in checkers. Prepare to be torn apart.
I play ya some checkers today...if you aren't scared of me.
Beauty? Pshaw. Frustration. It's hell to organize board games.
That's the beauty of time zones.
Everyone I know calls him Dubya. I dig it. And yeah, it's so weird to wake up to a bunch of new posts. We've got a few people on the West Coast, and others who's day is my night. It's weird to see Sades, Miriam and Silver all posting late at night. You're posting at 10PM or something, and I'm fast asleep at 1AM.