The Shoutbox
T is full of nasty, little secrets. Did he ever tell you about Gomer, his pet rooster?
He wants to get rid of us Sadie, wonder what he's hiding.
We're going to the 4:30 showing instead of the 4:15 showing. LOTR again. I'm waiting for the rest of the gang to haul a** here. I'm just cargo.
Hey! T told me he was going to the movies, too...
Goodie...he made it!
I thought you were going to the movies! You were trying to get rid of me T!
Check it out ---> Added smilies. Yay.
Well I have a fine art degree... I think I could figure it out...
Yeah, and you could offer sound financial planning, too. Ah, this is what The Shoutbox is all about.
How good are you at painting toe nails?