The Shoutbox
Hola. Internet was down at this house for over 24 hours...well, except on this computer. What a pain. I'll be back to normal by Monday, though.
Whazzup. Saturday. Wow.
We had better put this thing to good use.
How are we all today?
I'd say that the stock market is also rather shaky. Not that I have a job in the stock market. I was just saying. HI SPUD!!
Yeah, a job in the computer industry, especially involving the Internet is on shaky ground and you never know what might happen.
I just found out that I get to keep my job for a while longer. In fact, I'm getting a larger staff. I was sweating that one a bit current conditions being as they are in the computer industry. Whooopee!
HI SILVER!!!!!!!! I'M SHOUTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh Chris.
I didn't see you there.
Sounds like fun.
You can shout anything that's not horribly offense. The thing about this is that it's only semi-permanent; only the last 15 Shouts are displayed. The rest are saved (just in case...I plan to setup an archive script), but not displayed like the recent ones are.