The Shoutbox
It's a in-joke.
Much like Travis.

In fact, T, if you go back into the database you'll find a riproaring couple of shouts about Travis teaching us the meaning of life.
Ew. Like, really ew. A lot.

Silver's got a really weird food fetish going on. I'm reminded of George Costanza.

"These fries are REALLY good!"
Wuh? "Mrs. Pauls Does Dallas"?
I dislike lasagna. It's doesn't do the same wonders for me as Apple Pie. Third base, indeed.
I much prefer to "enjoy myself" in front of the Shoutbox than in front of a naked woman with a frozen Fish Stick.
Oh, I see. Thought you had them now. I would swing by the market...but, uh, I'm in PA. Plus I don't have a car. Yeah.

Now I'm thinking of Lasagna. I love lasagna. Like, a lot. I love it a lot.
I didn't say I WAS happy right now. At present I don't have any cheese, bread, wine or olives. If anybody can swing by the market on their way over, that'd be super.
He's playin' around. No sane man chooses porn over The Shoutbox...not unless he's crazy.
Holden, you being happy makes me happy, too.
If you're so into porn, why are you here grumbling about it? Can you really not find porn on the internet without links from us? It's about as difficult as finding wet in the ocean.
Why can a gooda english? Ok, I give up.

No fan of wine, personally (alcohol doesn't hold much appeal to my family, for some reason).