The Shoutbox
Hold's is 31, I believe.
I suppose Poltergeist kinda suburbs - without the Injun corpses in the swimmin' pool or my little sister eaten by the TV.
You need help, Vinny. I'm sure they have support groups for this sort of thing.

"Hi, my name is Joe, and I'm addicted to Steven Seagal movies."
im making a movie right now called life in the suburbs, its a comedy, fun stuff! (making movies)
How old are you Hold's?
You said "Ahh, High School", so I'm assuming you're well passed those days?
And yes, I nailed the cricket whistle long ago.

Can't remember where I first heard it. Think it was on Carson, somebody like Dana Carvey on the couch. Anyway, if you've got the pipes for it, it's a natural ease.
its like nicotine, i get my fill even though the cigaretes are ****. Plus friends are going and its free so thats kinda fun.
Sorta "American Beauty" suburbs, eh?
Or, "The Burbs" suburbs?
What the hell's wrong with you? You don't need to see ALL the movies that come out. You're only hurting yourself, though.
And I'm from a suburban area - Columbia, Maryland. Same as Edward Norton (didn't know the guy). It's about midway between D.C. and Baltimore. Stereotypical American Suburbs.
alright guys i am going to All About the Benjamins, pray for me