The Shoutbox
I'm gonna go pout. Goodnight.
Yeah! Are you ready yet?!
Like play checkers?
Okay...okay...this is really painting some crazy pictures for me...I need to go do something innocent.
Oh, it's okay. They all would've found out soon enough.
I just came back to see if T would read about Gomer. Didn't mean to spill the beans, T. I just thought it was a cute name for a cock.
Gomer's a good rooster! Be nice! By the way, you can say "cock" here. Seeing as how it's a legit word (or at least, it can be), I haven't censored it. Yeah, I'm back. We were gonna be way too late for we rented something and stopped a convienence store instead. We're going tomorrow. Oh well.
Busted. Cya, ya'll!
T's back...
Well, to be frank...she's particularly fond of this ONE lap...lately, I've had to be very stern with her...
Hopefully she's selective about lap jumping... some people have dirty laps