The Shoutbox
Yeah, I'm aware of that. It's either that, or make the text all bigger. I dunno, I might change it. Anyone else second Toose's emotion?
Oh...I see what you're saying...Like when you're looking at the Main Forum and look down at the Latest Shout it writes the smilie out instead of displaying the actual smilie like it does in here
I just meant the shoutbox specifically.
You mean on the listing of threads, right? They still work in posts, I assume.
Smiley's work in this view. Not in main forum view...
Smilies don't work out where???
I was outside a minute ago. I came back, sat down and got stung on the neck by a bug of the like I've never seen. If I don't return you know why
How come the smileys don't work ..."out there"
It's really sort of atractive in an LSD trip sort of way.
No, I know what's going on.