The Shoutbox
Well off I go to start Alien 3.
Then flip a coin three thosand times, always anxiously awaiting the heads or tails verdict. But don't go looking to the Academy Awards for surprises. Just doesn't happen there.
Well, seeing as how LOTR is nominated for 13 Oscars, and I've only picked it to win 6-7, I know I'm not just votin' on least not TOTALLY.

Should be fun.
I still like suprises Holden.
Ebert obviously picks emotionally, what he wanst to win more than what he thinks will actually win. Always has, always will. Ebert is NOT a good barometer for Oscar picks. Actually, he makes a decent inverse barometer.

I made one or two picks from what I WANT to win more than what I really THINK will win, but not the majority.
Yeah, I don't agree with him either. 'Cept when it comes to Denzel taking Best Actor.
I think quite a few of the categories are down to two or three entries... It will certainly be more exciting than years past.

Go back and read Ebert's picks from last year. I don't think he actually picks movies that he thinks will win. If he does he's more of an idiot than I though
I was reading that the non-famous guests (seat fillers, etc) had to arrive 11 hours early... WOW!
which sucks...I mean honestly Lord of the Rings should get best picture.
Well, Ebert thinks Moulin Rouge will take Best Picture. We'll see. Maybe I'm not very educated, but the show seems pretty unpredictable to me this year. I guess we'll see.