The Shoutbox
oooh ooh i dont have anything on the oscars until another 24 hours when they finish desecrating it are you all going to keep me updated on whats going on? pretty please
LOL Holden
Yeah, Renee Zellweger gained a whole 30 lbs. for Bridget Jones' Diary. What dis that put her total weight at, 120lbs.?

Owen's voice. Sounds like he's chewin on somethin and tryin to talk at the same time
My wife says Rene Zelwegger should win b/c any woman who is willing to put on 30 lbs for a movie deserves the award!
HAHAHA...Why does the Oscars need a preshow thingy...Just get on with it.
Ahhhh Julia!!! Kick her arse Sades!
Ugh, Chris Connelly and Leeza Gibbons on the Oscar pre-show. STOP THE MADNESS!!!
Damn these damn typos.

Maybe I need one of those Homer Simpson 'dialing wands' so I don't just mash all the letters around the one I'm aiming for?

That or actually learn to type someday. I'm a pretty good two-finger hunt-and-pecker, but not even close to perffikt (as I prove daily, here in The Shoutbox).
Well I'm not watching it now... but I was up until now
I was just going to ask who was hosting it now I know ....o.....noooooo