The Shoutbox
I have no use for the Shoutbox.
I'm listening ro a collection of Indie Artists from Parker Down, HR Swing Band. Then more well known ones. Download "Guaglione" by Perez Prado. I love it.
don't go thinking you have to do anymore than you already do commish......just wondering...and i like the shout box.
*moves closer to Patti*
what artist(s)?
No, not gone: just not visible. I'll make them all easily accessible soon enough...when I get off my lazy ass.
mad? mad? mad you say? come over here and say that!
I is listening to Jazz music. I love it.
well, it's an Instant Chat for whoever is on and i love it...but it only shows about a dozen posts, and the rest are gone, eh? i like it...
Yeah, that's the page reloading. Not much I can do about that, except turn off the reloading altogether. I suppose I could lengthen it, though, to 3 minutes or something. Whatcha think?
You're all mad.