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You forgot the new "I bought this mug for a mug" range of drinksware
Welcome to Work World! May I suggest a stapler? Buy one, get one half off retail! Watch out of the cowboys. (whispers: they're androids and they're glitching). How 'bout a new Who's the Boss, THIS GUY coffee mug!?
Work World

Great name for a shop
Not much going on in the work world today. I got a Nora Jones cover of Black Hole Sun in my headset playing as I type. She has such a smokey voice. Nice.

Has anyone jumped on that Spitfire/Westworld scoring competition? I posted here a week or two back on it.
Outside of a few departments everyone is gone. They did send me home, though, because of the flooding. Like its ridiculous. Ill post photos when I get home.
They're good. I'm sure all those kids are already a little wet behind the ears anyway.
No joke, we are like 2-2.5 ft away from the creek flooding the road into campus.
Massive flooding in my city. We taking on water, captain!
Hi all!
Let's get out of the car and stand in line with the 2 other people in the rain and wait for the store to open
good morning