The Shoutbox
Mose: read my mind. That's exactly what I was thinking of.
Off to work... have to pretend to be productive again
Here's a place to start... head over to ESPN and go to their NHL scoreboard. They have a line of links across the top that take the viewer to another page that contains the same information, it just reloads at a different speed...

Spud: Of course it's a good idea, it was mine! I never know how to actually do the stuff, but I'm great at coming up with it, LOL.
Hmm, interesting. Yes, let me see what I can do. I'm going to take this a CHALLENGE.
That IS a good idea..
Here's an idea Chris... could you have some sort of drop down menu or something that allowed users to control the time of the automatic reload on the shoutbox? I haven't had this problem lately, but in the past I've lost shouts b/c I took too long to type 'em in
Bah. You know what I mean.
I'm hopeful, actually
Ya'll are hopeless.
Yes...teets are sweet,
Or an udderly different tail