The Shoutbox
All I know is I'm gonna try to cook black pepper chicken a bit later today.
Let's hope the 2nd wave isn't like being at the beach before a tsunami.

Yeah, they're starting to loosen up around here, though everyone's waiting to see if we get a second wave. Glad to hear you're doing okay so far, though.
I still go out and meet people. Restrictions aren't as harsh here. I try to be careful around older people.
Hey, welcome back. What's new? Staying safe?
I gotta start checking in here more often.
Hello, guys!
It was so thoughtful of Apple to include a pair of wired headphones. Now if only they would have been so nice to include a jack.
The true voice of an angel.


Janeaane, get me the phone. I'm gonna book the headliner for the Catalina Wine Mixer.

And prolly something for Henchman 24 for the yellow, but I don't want to spoil anything.
RIP Blue and Yellow.

Forever lost will be the satisfaction of getting the last copy out of a wall of 80.
So tasty.