The Shoutbox
Wha--???! I don't have fangs! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.
LOL... Yeah, praying mantis style Chris... I know what's up with you two
stupid 1's...I could have sworn I held down the shift button that time.
Cry? Oh no...I've heard this before. This is where I apologize and comfort you, and you hiss, whip out your fangs, and murder me brutally. It's a trap, Mose! RUN!
Ha1 That IS funny...
I heard that Halle Berry boycotted the Vanity Fair Oscar Party b/c they've never had a black person on the cover... turns out Denzel was there in '95 Funny Stuff... No idea if that's why she wasn't there... but funny if that's the reason.
it's my special term of endearment.
Stop. You're going to make me cry.
Love it? Oh, uh...yeeeahhh.

Call me a sh*thead next...please! I'll do anything...
Hmmm, fair enough. The costume would be quite a sight.
You know you love it.