The Shoutbox
I didn't miss nuthin'! It's only 7:08 in the pm...
Agreed Chris... I'll be watching that one every week!
"Don't do it, blah!"
"Give me one reason why I shouldn't."
"Prison rape!"
" complete me. Snowball; break it down!"
You missed Greg the Bunny, I think. HILARIOUS!
Hey everybody...what'd I miss?
No problem, it's cool. Shows about to start; me go check it out. BRB guys.
Got the PM Chris.
I'll reply to it later.

Just realised the time.
I really need to get this second act out of the way.
Yup... 9:30 and it's gonna be hilarious!

Drew Carey is rockin' and rollin'! Oswald and Lewis have become airport security guards
Not to shabby... I'm starting to catch you on the number of posts... we're up to 225 now... LOL.
I didn't realize it was that soon. 9:30 PM, is it? I'll have to check it out.