The Shoutbox
For a demo reel, sort of a visual CV.
Well, it's not really important. It's basically the quality of the visuals, and I think the quality is pretty high in most of the clips (that being said, I'm hopefully going to go out and shoot some sort of noir-ish scene from Macbeth in the forest over the long weekend, just so I can add nice visuals...).

Baby Elephant still leads...
I'm in the usual "sheizer i'm at work once again" mood. In two days I'm a free man with a 6 month paycheck so I'm not complaining

I think Baby Elephant Walk is the best... what's it going to be for?
not in my collection... getting now you dont want people thinking of snatch though do you?

ok time to take a listen...
Original Henry Mancini version.
At the same time, there's a new second place getter knocking Classical Gas out of the running. Diamonds by Klint, from Snatch's opening.

I have some pretty interesting visuals to go with it.
Guy drinking from a town fountain, drunken man hitting his son, girl being zipped into body bag, Flash animations of a Green Ball...

How are you Fezly?
Baby Elephant Walk ? Which version? Skatalites or Phish? In the good spirit of internet piracy i'm grabbing to see which sounds better, although it obviously depends on what images you got to go with it...
Sorry Fezly. Wasn't here.
I'm doing good. Although it's of course Wednesday night.

I'm applying for a grant, worth $12,500 and so I'm searching for music to use in my demo reel. Right now The Baby Elephant Walk is neck and neck with a techno version of Canon in D and Classical Gas.
I take it you're a mute. Fine by me. mwa
Hello Silver Bullet, how are you doing on this fine morning
Oh, but yeah, apart from all that, that's fine.
I've actually been thinking a lot about this, and I've actually made up my mind about this new project. Weird, really.

But yeah. If you don't want in, fine by McMe.
I'll be approaching some of you other MoFo's (Spudly and Chris and L.B definatly) regarding this. It won't require you to actually do anything. But yeah.

I'll leave you hanging for now.
God, Holden.
That was quick and dissapointing.

Shying away from Internet relationships with human beings.
We're all just cyber-sprites floating around, based on you deepest darkest fear of being found out as a person living in America, eh?