The Shoutbox
Hey Spud! Help me with my php gallery. I'll give you a baby carrot.
"Thank you, Mask Man."

"'Thank you, Mask Man'. G*ddamnit, I like that. Let me hear it again."
That wasn't Gorilla boy. It was Holden.

Dips hat? You wear a hat?
I'll be back later.
One and a half hours at the least.

Damned school...
*dips hat*
Are you telling me to leave now, Gorilla boy? Well, if that's welcome I get...

Hello Sadie, m'lady.
*dips hat*
"Hi-Ho, Silver...Away!"
Hi Silver.
How are we all this fine mornin' in March?
I is un top of the world.

aw...I'm flattered you guys wanna geek me up. I'm afraid it's impossible.
See...You can USE PHP then...
Work sucks... I'm on my way home now Talk to everyone soon! (If I can stay awake, lol)