The Shoutbox
Just cry, man. Let it out.
I can't get into my e-mail, I haven't used it in so long I've forgotton my password. If I don't manage to get in, I'm going to cry
It's like Mr. Mom at my house. Except without the "Mr."
I've been finished for a little over a week--vacation's going to my head...
LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL...YAY...My work here is almost done...YAY...
I'll resist the urge to blurt out "Evening."

Good morning everyone.
A rather uneventful day...outwardly, that is. Internally I was pretty much all over the place. It's amazing how "busy" a day can feel when you're doing a lot of thinking, even if, looking back, you didn't seem to be doing much of anything.

Goodnight, guys.
Good mornin'! And what a beautiful mornin' it is.