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It feels odd watching movies before work, instead of after.
I think it means if you want to do an online action, you have to be wearing a cap with the AT&T logo on it. That pretty much invalidates everything I've ever done on the Internet because I don't have one.
I have no idea what any of that is about. Honestly most of these messages feel like they're the middles of conversations we never heard the start of.

Gotta get my messenger hat on. These people over here want me to do this online action so that these people over here see me do it. One day I hope to not be theirmiddle man anymore. They should contact them directly themselves.

wink wink
snap crackle pop
Remember folks, green wood will burn. You just have to have a big enough
just put up the smoker/grill at the office. we're (I'm) smoking ribs for everyone on wednesday. some corn on the cobb. others are bringing some burgers and dogs, and few sides.

been a stressful 2023 so far. i think everyone needs a break.

sorry i can't invite you all i couldn't afford the food.
Hope you enjoyed your Sunday. Were getting ready to burn and youre gonna have to deal with it 💨💨💨
That that on the yard strength.
Originally Posted by John McClane
4,281,100 gallons of water
I see you know how much I bench.
June 4 1958

4,281,100 gallons of water