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The first thing I go to is, Whats the dusting routine? 🧐
Holy shit Batman

Would we have to say that his remains are referred to as Leftover Meatloaf? Or did someone already make that joke here? (I saw it on Facebook and have a feeling it was one of you guys.)
I hope he was the kind of guy that referred to himself in the third person from time to time.
"Please. Mr. Loaf is my father."
"Sorry to bother you, Mr. Loaf."
I bet it was fun at times to have people walk up to him and call him Mr. Meatloaf. Probably made him chuckle.
disappointed. i expected someone lifting up a dog =\


Originally Posted by Torgo
(Checks pockets) I threw it away.

Hopefully, this uplifting dog video will cheer you up:

(Checks pockets) I threw it away.

Originally Posted by Torgo
This day is no good. I'd like to return it.
Do you have a receipt?