The Shoutbox
How cool is our man, Chris? Right? Eh?! I'll be in touch.
I just want 10 minutes alone with Holden. No such thing as a fair fight, either...I want him bound and gagged so I could go seriously postal on his pretentious @ss.
Uh, yeah, that's it; I wish I were cruel. Everyone wants to be cruel.

I like it because you're hilarious when you're mad. You don't even TRY to keep your cool. You just let it all fly out. It's very entertaining.
That's bacause you secretly wish you could be as cruel as him.
Hey, maybe not for YOU. Yoda likes it.'s freakin' hilarious!
I just went to the Video store and rented 10 movie and bought 3. all are VHS thou

RENTED Hell is for Heroes, Zulu, The Organization, Small Soldiers, Starting Over, Deathtrap, The Misfits, In Cold Blood, Battle of Neretva, Lord of the Flies B & W


BOUGHT Amores Perros, Affliction and Blair Witch Project
It's more than a little funny, I assure you.
It's not funny (well a little) but jeez! I didn't know that the thread was not just titled,"Amelie" otherwise...HELL-LO! I would have found it! I swear, I better not ever run into Holds on the street...

This is hilarious.