The Shoutbox
She had black hair last nite... and lots of tattoos... she looked a bit "rode hard and put up wet"
Naw, didn't see it. Pink's probably in a state of perpetual drunkenness, though. You've gotta be to walk out of the house with hair like that each day.
Did you watch the video awards...Pink got on after she won and said "I'm too drunk to do this." That's what i'm talkin' bout. Not really, sheet...I'm all talk.
Drunk is good.

I'm going home. I'm going to get drunk. I'm going to get very drunk. Hey...that's like V.D....
Now, now I have HISTORY here you know... I'm no newbie! I did see Yoda's picture...very nice! Perhaps we should start a yoda picture thread... I've found some that... oh jeez...hafta be good.
Hey Chris, I hope they got your good side in that photo!Did anyone see the picture?
Can, and will. MoFo is larger than any one person.
oh man watch out here comes the next Holden Pike/Silver Bullet, can Mofo really handle another?
Hah! Quite possibly so... what the hell, you know? This board needs some action! I'm a good pot stirrer when I want to be (I WILL be good though, Yo-Yo)
promises were made to be broken so basically you are to yoda and fez as i am to Silver?