The Shoutbox
And Gregory Peck won Best Actor over Peter O'Toole in 1962!! What was the Academy smoking?!
both rock and deserve tons of the awards they got as for that year The Pawnbroker I think is better than both
A Run Lola Run one.
What?! That's a travesty!!
Although I did enjoy The Sound of Music...

Meanwhile, I think John Ford was the most Awarded Director in history. He has heaps in the early years...

And Frank Capra.
What kind of Wallpaper are you sporting
Well I went to IMDB and The Sound of Music Won that year
I don't think it won Best Picture.
What year was it? Who won that year?
of course

What was that about Dr. Zvihago
Did you like While My Gutair?
Man O Man I've DL My Guitar & Cheer Down and listen to both of them.
Wait, I don't Dr. Zvihago won the Best Picture award...