The Shoutbox
For example.

*points at self*
I have no idea what that was Silver, but I think I'm supposed to be insulted.
I hope not. If there's an age limit on this stuff, I'm screwed.

Yeah, I'm seventeen. I know thirteen and fourteen year-olds doing more advanced stuff, though. It's really amazing.
I am sixteen going on thirty-seven.
Can't exactly call me naive,
I'm better than Chris,
Or am I taking the piss or,
What is the deal with me?

I am younger and smarter and wiser,
When compared to yo-ou...
I am sixteen going on thirty-seven,
I'm better, than yo-ou, it's true!
WOAH only seventeen Chris???? thats my age and you created this place, freaky, Holden can you really ever be too old to dick around the net?
I'm seventeen, Knight. As for Spudly: twenty. It's in his profile.
Thirty-fu*kin'-Two-years-old, Man. Too old to still be dickin' around on the net, drunk or not.
hey ppl, i just had a thought and i was wondering not that it really matters but just how old are the people here? i know Bullet and i know mine but i dont know Chris or Spudly, im not sure if im a youngn or an old fart
And to think I missed all this literary brilliance while I was gone. D'oh!