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It's the trajectory of so many sites/apps:

1. Start off open, make it easy to create tools.
2. Grow like crazy, at least partially because of said tools.
3. Close off API that made tool creation feasible.
a reddit fat cat is desperate to turn a profit on their investment, so they thought pissing their user base off would make them open their wallets. odd strategy. but i like it
They're increasing their API fees, which will kill third-party apps. There's an article about it here.
Sup with Reddit?
Originally Posted by John McClane
i'm loving watching reddit burn
Couldn't have happened to a nicer website.
i'm loving watching reddit burn
The last several shouts have been way too internet.
YOU get a lol; YOU!~ get a lol!!!! EVERYONE GETS A LOL!
I know several talented babies that are excellent bakers.