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needs some coffees.
could barely type that.
You have 'ears in waiting'?
Like reserve ears in case the normal ones fail for some reason??
How terribly well prepared you are
I like that when I wear over-ear headphones above my ears in waiting, I feel like Lobot. I don't know how HE felt, but I feel like I at least kinda look like him when I do this. And that makes me feel alright.
OH!!! I get it! Teenage Mutant Ninja Androids!!! How many times have I looked at that and never questioned what it actually is!?
...and welcome back.

Horse hockey!
Originally Posted by ynwtf
Are you saying he fed you a load of pony
Luckily one of the families that have known me for my entire life brought it up.
that famous mr. ed!!! dagnabbit!! hm. is it one b? or two? doesn't feel right with two, but looks wrong with a solo. i declare two b letters! one for best and another for bud. they go hand in hand. funny i'm hung up on the plural b, what with spelling being their thing and all.

sorry about your furniture. how did you find it? you just HAPPEN to be strolling with a face mask half a mile down and noticed the horse napping on your new sofa?

horses. damn dirty horses. they did it. they really did it.