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Yoda should use that idea for the next April Fool's. "Sorry people but due to unforeseen circumstances I decided to close MovieForums"
iím already having regular nightmares. donít give my brain more subject matter 😅
Corax's last shout (and a few others) made it seem like this place was coming to a close. Well, I'm glad that's not the case.
thereís no good rentals. everything is $19.99. just make it an even $20 and quit deluding
Somebody got a package from
Madrigal Elektromotoren.
gonna cook today. expecting to melt into a puddle by 5p
Originally Posted by Sedai
Three cheers for the new CRAPoMoFo!
Originally Posted by Torgo
A system like that could make people prioritize making posts that would earn them a lot of rep over posting about what they actually want to talk about. "Uh oh, my numbers are low. Guess I should say how good The Turin Horse is some more."
Assuming posting about The Turin Horse would get you a lot of rep here. xD
Websites come and go. The only questions are when will the herd will be ready to move, will there will be a stampede, and where the new watering hole be?
Why so green and lonely...