The Shoutbox
Speaking of shows, I watched The Bear last night and almost had an anxiety attack.
Points for Mr. White Walkers!
Its the one where they put the dead guy in the coffin, then pull em out and shake him all about.
Is that the one where they pull the right leg out immediately after putting the left leg in?
Then end of the month you got the hokey pokey sequel, too
I am terrified to take more on. I know I'm going to remember mixed plotlines of harfoots, empire resistance, and dragon riders. was it valyrian steel that mandalorians collect? to kill the Mr. White walkers? pretty sure that sword hilt that kid has hidden away was part of a light saber too.

I am so confused!
Hoping Andor isn't terrible...
R.I.P. Maury Wills
I thought it was pronounced Yogurt.
I still think it's pronunciated Yewduh.
Personally, I always make sure to pronounce everyone's username correctly, right Yodee?