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God dammit. Now I want steak.....
Now you know how I felt about the French fry conversation.
Well, now I'm doomed. I come in here and everybody is talking about carbohydrates...

I'll stop back in later when perhaps you'll all be talking about grilling some rare steaks...
I bought a package of Twizzlers as part of my Amazon Pantry order. I opened the plastic box -- they're all *individually wrapped.* Whaaa? That's 105 individually wrapped Twizzlers in an already hermetically sealed plastic tub. What a waste.
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I took two Benadryl last night around 9:30 and OMGosh I'm lagging this morning. Those lil pink tablets affect anyone else like that? I feel like I'm coming out of surgery.
When I was in the psych ward they would hand those out like candy. You could get them for all sorts of stuff (anxiety, restlessness, and sleeplessness).
I take a HALF dose before bed... not to fall asleep, but so that I can fall BACK to sleep whenever I wake up (and I always wake up). I don't feel laggy in the morning if I take only a half dose.

Taking a full dose has the opposite effect at night -- makes me jittery and wide awake. And *then* I'm laggy in the morning. Maybe try a half dose instead?
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Im trying to figure out a movie, itís about the Vietnam war and and how the guy was so happy to go overseas and fight but each scene it showed him getting more scared, and then his brother fell in love with an anti war protester! I canít remember the name of it can someone help me out?
There is a specific place for movie questions. Post it here:
Got it! I'll tell my friend never mind then.
Oh, so you already bought one then? Because my friend asked whether you're looking for 1040p or 4K. Let me know and I'll stop pestering him.
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Does anyone here own a GoPro? If so, which model? Thoughts?
I have a tech geek friend (he used to write reviews for tech magazines too). I'll ask him. He might have a worthy opinion.
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Any ideas on how to identify a song that you can only name the album? I just wasted my time trying reddit, only to see all the threads were closed.
If you can name the album, try looking for it on Amazon. They often will let you listen to the first 30 seconds of any digital version of the songs.
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When a police department posts on facebook and says do not call 911 when they run out of toliet paper....and they say the following..."Sea shells were also used." Move your ass to another town STAT.
Gosh, that sense of humor would make me want to move there, not away from there.
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Austruck, the wife and I watched Contagion last night. Chilling who much it mirrors current events...
I told ya! Just make this virus more deadly and it's essentially the same trajectory and plot points! Right down to the politics.