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I have the serif version now - Looks like maybe Minion of Garamond? Used to be Futura for me...
Definitely tell Yoda. When it happened to me, even though it changed back after a few seconds, he wanted to know what was happening so he could figure out what was happening.
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RIP Futura

I am seeing a different font at the top of the page now...Has it not changed?
It's the same here. When Yoda first revamped the site this last time, for a while I'd see a serif font when I first came here, but it would change to the sans serif within a second or two. It no longer does that, and I see the sans serif font all the time now.
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Seems like orange is the worst flavor in almost all contexts where there are a number of artificial flavors. Kool-Aid, popsicles, Starburst.
Agree. At the other end of the spectrum, grape and strawberry almost always are decent.
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That Summer Glau thing is great.
I didn't recognize her at first. She looked different in Serenity and Terminator t.v..
Maybe because she's smiling in almost all these shots.
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I've no idea where to appropriately post so I apologise for leaving this here. I'm trying to find out the name of a movie I saw over 20 years ago as a child. Any one help? It begins with a car accident in which a girl dies and her parents and sister survive. Then her sister is in some kind of spooky woods where there are children who have died who are spirits that are hanging around, I think because they weren't loved as living children or have unfinished business. The girl hears of her sister who hasn't crossed over and seeks to find her. There's one girl who is dead and she scared the life out of me. At the end the sisters meet and it is also witnessed by the parents. I always thought this movie was called They. I've googled it and can't find anything though. Thanks in advance.
Pretty easy to find the "Movie Questions" section here:
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That Summer Glau thing is great.
It is! When I looked at the series of VIP shots with Weird Al last month, he's adopting the same pose in a LOT of them, but not quite that consistently. And the Mel Brooks pictures were all over the place. (That man can't stand still.)
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Are you typing with your nose or something?
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What are you? A clown?
No, that would be XXL SHOES.
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Morning M!

Hope stateside folks are out of the hurricane zone. I'll send you some of my perma-drizzle as compensation.
We're inland and north. Yay! Here in Pittsburgh, we don't really get too much of ANY type of weather. We don't see hurricanes or tornados, and we normal amounts of snow in the winter and heat in the summer. If you like variety in your weather, this is the place to be.

Having said that, our little county here gets more annual rainfall than the Pacific Northwest, even though they're known for their rain out west.
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Yeah, always take your lightsaber with you. Count Dooku might show up.
Never make it through security.
Put it in your checked baggage. Duh.