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The tax man is buying some salt water taffy with that money. It's all gummed up now
Hey, that reminds me, where is that money the state of MA stole from me?
Gotta wait another 4-6 weeks to get a reissued check for a tax rebate. At least I got some Christmas money headed my way
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Which one?
Ghosts of Christmas Always. It's a new Hallmark Christmas movie.
Which one?
Time to watch a Christmas movie!
Is it morning already?
meh morning
Good morning, all!
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I'm on the verge of offering to buy someone a copy of Heat 2, just to have someone to talk with about it!

Nobody's heard of it. Or does nobody care about Heat other than Tom Sizemore's performance?
Lets hold a raffle! A free copy of the book from Amazon or something. But the game has to be ridiculous here on MOFO. Maybe cross-platform with FB/Twitter. Like... A movie themed scavenger hunt.
More like a MS Painted, what's different between these two pictures.