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snap crackle pop
Remember folks, green wood will burn. You just have to have a big enough
just put up the smoker/grill at the office. we're (I'm) smoking ribs for everyone on wednesday. some corn on the cobb. others are bringing some burgers and dogs, and few sides.

been a stressful 2023 so far. i think everyone needs a break.

sorry i can't invite you all i couldn't afford the food.
Hope you enjoyed your Sunday. Were getting ready to burn and youre gonna have to deal with it 💨💨💨
That that on the yard strength.
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4,281,100 gallons of water
I see you know how much I bench.
June 4 1958

4,281,100 gallons of water
Self-restraint is a virtue.
treasurers are lame.
Relatively recently got back with an ex from a few years back, and although my psychopathic self generally dislikes being in a relationship, this thing is holding together so far. One of the fun part is introducing him to films/shows/stuff.
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Am finally rewatching Twin Peaks.
The series or the movie?
The show. Im actually thinking I might watch the movie after season 2 and before season 3, but I also do find it a little redundant.