The Shoutbox
Well Sades... we are waiting!
I picked up High Noon, Black Sabbath, Training Day and Chinatown. I watched the first two last night and they were fantastic... hopefully Chinatown this evening
Hi kids! Guess what?!
You know Chris, you should've waited for the Memento SE.
DVDs are such a blast. Got me Memento yesterday. Great flick.
Thursday here and I'm loving it Yesterday the yearly bonuses were passed out, which means I had an excuse to buy a few DVD's. Unfortunately the mean ole' wife made me put most of it in the bank towards a house... LOL
Yeah, I guessed.

Bah. Sleepy. The day feels very strange.
Well it's Thursday for me too, but I don't have work tomorrow.
It's Thursday for me. Boooo. Very tired.
YAY!! It's Friday for me...and today is a great day.