The Shoutbox
Toose! Ahhh....Toose.
anybody want to join me in the polar plunge.....jumping into the lake for charity?
you guys still here? hellllooooooooooo
My dad used to be an accountant. And I've got one REALLY pointy head. If I were bald, I'd look awful. I looked ridiculous as an infant.
Hi ya'll (Texas Vernacular) I'm rid of all the pointy headed accountant types for the month WooHoo!!
..." I'll never teeeelll. Any of you."
Are you talking about Holden's first name? Because, if you are...I know it.
I wonder if he'll ever spill his first name. Let's start taking bets. $20 on "Cosmo."
Happy Monday Everybody! I love you, T, patti, Toose, Spud, Holden...ahhh...Holden.
Not enough sleep. Got like 7 1/2 to 8, tops, I think. Argh. I need more much flippin' work.
What a yawning type of day. Very tired. That's what staying up until six in the morning does to you, I guess.