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About time!
Did you bring a plunger??

I was summoned to the boards by a mention spell.
Mission Accomplished
Ha! Really need that edit feature in the Shoutbox!
"Toilet plunger to Aisle Seven please. Toilet plunger to Aisle Seven."
Damn you! Now I have the shit stuck in my head...
Wait a sec, dd, are you telling me people dont want to hear this while buying cheese puffs? I wont believe it

I like the way it sounds without headphones. Reminds me of a transistor radio. Probably racist to even say transistor radio today. You could put those things right in your pocket!
Originally Posted by xSookieStackhouse
ugh hate to go to the movies when theres school holidays 😩😫🤬😭 hate kids 😑
Say it again!
Originally Posted by John McClane
So how old am I?
Old enough to know better 😝