The Shoutbox
Say, why put a moonakin on the rocket this time instead of some actual people? What happened, did our balls drop off?
Having just finished Project Hail Mary a few months ago, I will add Artemis to my list! Currently subsumed in a massive Peter F. Hamilton trilogy, though...
In honor of the launch people should read Andy Weir's second novel Artemis. It didn't get much attention since it was sandwiched between The Martian and Project Hail Mary. According to IMDb Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are set to direct an adaptation. But it looks like it might be lost and wandering around in development hell.
I am hoping that with the tech today, people can follow the entire mission,, keeping an eye on a mission vehicle the entire time, see it approach the moon and then land etc., and we can finally put that shit to rest.
Imagine being a person that thinks its easier to fake the moon landing instead of just going to the actual moon. Must be some really tiring mental gymnastics.
Ah, someone did a space thing?
I was holding my breath...
I'm just glad it didn't explode. Otherwise, we'd never get back to the moon.
Yea...sadly, that was the best window to finally get this thing off the ground. I watched a replay this AM!
oh geez, 1:37am

wha? they already launched?!