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Just got out of a closed door meeting with the MoFo brass. It got heated. Somebody brought Dunkin, so that started things off on a bad foot.

After a couple of rounds of back-and-forth, I am pleased to announce that I have been named Chief Regulator Adjudicator Potentate of MoFo. Pretentious posters and muckrakers will be judged the same!
A system like that could make people prioritize making posts that would earn them a lot of rep over posting about what they actually want to talk about. "Uh oh, my numbers are low. Guess I should say how good The Turin Horse is some more."
and who determines what is valuable?
So, social credit?
I have a genius idea: You pay with your rep points. That'd encourage people to post valuable stuff so that others "pay" them with rep points so that they can keep being members.
only website I'd ever entertain paying for is this one. and, at this point, you could just write yourself a blank check with how bad I'm addicted
It's the trajectory of so many sites/apps:

1. Start off open, make it easy to create tools.
2. Grow like crazy, at least partially because of said tools.
3. Close off API that made tool creation feasible.
a reddit fat cat is desperate to turn a profit on their investment, so they thought pissing their user base off would make them open their wallets. odd strategy. but i like it
They're increasing their API fees, which will kill third-party apps. There's an article about it here.
Sup with Reddit?
Originally Posted by John McClane
i'm loving watching reddit burn
Couldn't have happened to a nicer website.