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Trying to not buy a Series S

Good morning, all!
R.I.P. Robert Clary
Yeah, it's definitely the same kinda book. I enjoyed it, though. It'll make a fun movie if done right.
Originally Posted by Sedai
Having just finished Project Hail Mary a few months ago, I will add Artemis to my list! Currently subsumed in a massive Peter F. Hamilton trilogy, though...
It's not bad, at least IMO. Very capable and resourceful female character. And it's got Weir's trademark scientific minutiae. Lunar related of course.
make sure he picks up the tab. i hear he likes to make others pay for lunch.
I will ask him next time we hang out.
yeah, but can he code?
I forget what the moon treaty set out for rules in that regard. I will have to look that up.

I for one welcome our Musk overlord!
im fine with us going to the moon and mars, but only if resources discovered are free for all the people. and not just owned by some dude that rhymes with corn husk
Say, why put a moonakin on the rocket this time instead of some actual people? What happened, did our balls drop off?