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I understand the defense that you can't rewrite history and it was a "different time," but I don't really blame a company or organization not wanting to actively covet someone like that.
I mean, "No people lived here. Only Indians," or something to that refrain, is a little less than being insensitive.
Everyone can rest easier today. That horrible racist, Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the Hitler-esque series of books, Little House on the Prairie, has had her literary awards stripped away for being insensitive to 2018 values when she wrote books almost 100 years ago about her childhood as a pioneer settler.

Another victory for the good guys!

So much red: it hurts.
Theyíve been deferring drug smuggling cases to state courts along the border because of limited resources, which I think will eventually cause those states to reassess their laws. Then from there itís just a matter of time before the feds have to give it up, especially if they keep up this zero tolerance bit
I have a feeling Trumpís crackdown on immigration will eventually lead us to change our federal drug policy. Still years away obviously
The Chinese virus is spreadig.
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Sometimes, I get nightmares where I'm banned from MoFo.
What if I tell you... these are not dreams. It's just that you can look into the future.
Oh no the Chinese spam is back.
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Like a a fifty shades kinda thing? Yoda in a mask and leather, tassel paddle in hand kind of thing? A "Master, call me, you will!" or "Yes, yes! Feel the force, you must!!" Kind of thing?
Hmmmmmm. The force deep inside this one is.