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I mean, "No people lived here. Only Indians," or something to that refrain, is a little less than being insensitive.
That depends on the context in which it was written...and in the mind of the person reading it.

I read as saying: No settlers lived there only native Americans. Meaning it was rugged land, away from American society.
The fact that those types of things were able to win awards is part of the history in question.

Anyway, they can do what they want, I just find the logic to be fundamentally flawed and almost certainly counterproductive to its stated aims.
In the end, drawing attention to the fact by acknowledging it might've done more harm than good. Nobody cared. Most people didn't know what she'd said in the first place nor did they care about the awards she held. But it is the choice of the academies or award shows or whatever else that awarded her if they want to continue coveted her in hindsight.
The perspective I have though is they aren't banishing it. Her work is her work and will be available for those that choose to seek it. But, rather, it is more like companies choosing not to covet it.
In the long run, banishing the remnants of racism, sexism, or any other odious ideology, is more likely to increase their adoption in the future than to combat it, before even getting into the problem of who gets to decide what's odious, which is a pragmatic concern inseparable from the abstracted question.
Even the best works of art may have poorly dated values. The Odyssey is a highly adventurous great book, but you have to get past some of the sexism in it (how a wife should always be nice and obedient, the man's word matters more).
It opens up a can of worms, admittedly, though. Gandhi had a noted history of racism, etc.
Wow that's the way of the world now, isn't it. Back to banning the golly dolls is next.
I understand the defense that you can't rewrite history and it was a "different time," but I don't really blame a company or organization not wanting to actively covet someone like that.
I mean, "No people lived here. Only Indians," or something to that refrain, is a little less than being insensitive.
Everyone can rest easier today. That horrible racist, Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the Hitler-esque series of books, Little House on the Prairie, has had her literary awards stripped away for being insensitive to 2018 values when she wrote books almost 100 years ago about her childhood as a pioneer settler.

Another victory for the good guys!