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Someone has gotta be a grouch with their pants in a bunch.
Why? Sounds like a decent idea for a story to me... for a Marvel movie, anyway.
God, just hearing that idea put me to sleep. I hope they do not do that. I'm barely OK with him making a cameo ala Tony Stark.
Unless it's the story line about Cap going back through time to replace the stones, which would sort of require it to be Evans, yea?
Chris Evans wants to reprise his role as Captain America? Talk about jumping the shark.
somewhere in the world, a confused Brad Pitt silently jokes to himself, "What's in the bawks?", laughs, then shakes out of his headspace returning to whatever the conversation at hand was with, "what?"
I seriously doubt the chicken has seen it
but... what about the chicken?
I dont find Three Billboards overrated in the slightest.
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No! Not the tuna. Eat more chicken. It's a renewable resource.
true chicken gives u protien aswell!
just true chicken. not that false prophet chicken. the true chicken gives us so much more than protein. she gives us prosumertein as well as hobbyistein for the everyman.
"My advice to you, if you want to lose a bit of weight: don't eat anything that comes in a bucket."
- Billy Connolly