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i like commies. they can hold their liquor
the way i'm now*
dammit i wish i was a commie, i could finally find it in me to hate most films and write them off as capitalist/imperialist drivel

the way i'm not i even see good things about communist propaganda movies, i mean show me an american movie edited as well as something by eisenstein or dovzhenko
every commie gangsta until they have to spell bourgeoisie
I remember eating a book. Twice
I remember being a book. Twice.
I read books and I seen films.
Read the book twice. Never seen the film.
Never read the book. Seen the film twice
Originally Posted by John McClane
i donít care who i share it with i just wanna get there first!
Hence everyone says it sounds selfish. The being first part isnít key, itís just that I like an unmarred impression. Too many times people criticised the shit out of something I really liked on first watch, and thatís extremely annoying. I can understand it with subsequent/multiple watches, but itís nice to have a Ďcleaní first impression.