The Shoutbox
yeah. don't go down that road.
If it's an Irish workplace it could be The Apache Kid I suppose
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles like pizza, there's probably a 1 in 4 chance it's that.
There's gotta be at least a thousand films that fit that description, buddy.
Need help finding the name of the movie where a guy asks girls to grab a pizza and hang out? Me and a coworker do movie trivia at work and I cant reme this movie.
Is that the spider in that thing were the dude tries to send a drawing of a spider as payment in an e-mail?
Looks more like a cross between Heinz Wolff and a sperm to me tbh but I was desperately trying not to go down that road.
It's a T-rantula.
I think it's absolutely marvellous that yn has created a 13th Zodiac sign for his avatar. Can't quite make up my mind what to call it though, Facehuggicus just doesn't sound quite right.

B..b...b.....b.......but....... there's duck eggs for breakfast!!