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What about smacking speed bugs off your face?
I take it those don’t come from Wolfsburg.
"Drinking helps..."
The liquor snurf.
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Anybody else wondering why Nikka Costa’s career never took off?
It keeps me awake at night.
Have you tried talking to someone about it?
No. That would keep me awake at night too.
What about smacking speed bugs off your face?
Do your hobbies include, “Looking through peepholes and watching people?”
I think he was Tom Segura’s Uber that one time
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Talking to people is tedious. Try smoking crack. Its highly effective at distracting you from hum drum everyday problems.
I am ****ing sad about Djokovic.
2 Unlimited never let us know what "this" is. Not once!
Arrrrrrrrrre yeeeeeewww REAH-DEH?!?! DAH NUH nah NUH, nah NUH nah NUH; deede-deetee!!